9-29 Hisstory

Take it or leave it, We Rhinos are constantly sought out as Good Listeners. We are examining a shrub, and up comes Somebody to chat. By “chat” We really mean, pour out its heart. We are equally skilled at dealing with any topic, happy to say.

Visitor size, shape or locomotion are immaterial. Anyway, this Visiting Critter simply starts reporting. We putter along, while keeping close track of the Visitor, and occasionally grunting or coughing. Maybe a chuckle or sneeze.

When the Visitor has said its piece, it returns to its proper sphere in the Wild.

What makes Rhino Counselors both popular and useful is that We offer no Advice. We usually have no idea what was said in the first place, and wouldn’t think to repeat it, even if We could.

We are just glad to be of Service.

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