9-22 OutSourcing

So here is the question of the day: Where does Time come from? We all know how to tell it, waste it and forget it, but where is Time actually stored, prior to its arrival here on the scene? Now is the use of Time already upon us, but the Future is going to need new, unblemished Time, right?

A related question would be: where does the Time go? Does it recycle? Is it evaluated somehow, and by whom? Is Time the stuff of History and whose version wins the cake?

Rhinos don’t feel We are closer to these answers than We were 32 million years ago, but We are still mumbling it over to ourselves, from Time to Time.

2 thoughts on “Fore-Timing

  1. A dinner hosted by the Skokomish tribe was an exercise in small disasters. The elk that was to be served had been served instead at a family celebration, the celebratory horde not realizing that the meat magically in the tribal walk-in was destined for another gathering, so another elk had to be hunted, prepared, and tenderized on the day of the dinner. The gas oven malfunctioned, so the meat had to be cooked in a fire pit. The visiting tribe’s horses, trailered in to showcase a program bringing at-risk young men to the dignity of their plains heritage, were spooked beyond reason by a thunderstorm, and crashed wildly through the Olympic rainforest, carrying their terrified young riders into the dusk. The white people, who had expected dinner at six, were, by ten, noticeably restless. The Skokomish tribal head took the microphone. “You white people think time is a line. You think we’ve missed dinner. We’re Indians. We know time is a circle. Dinnertime will come again. Be patient.” I love that man.


    • Great story. In a wistful way, I can’t help wishing this were a more typical sort of narrative. It’s almost as though we today avoid any sort of profundity, as though it were tasteless, too emotional, too demanding.

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