Getting Wherever However

9-11 MapQuest

What always confuses Guides is why adolescent Rhinos simply do not avail themselves of the help that sits before them. Guides are there to aid the Quest, to further the Quester’s aims. Heaven knows, their moms remind them often enough.

However, there are experiences which the young Rhino needs, but how those needs are determined is not known, even to the Guides. It is frustrating when help is all one can offer, but the internal gyroscope of the individual will always take precedence.

It’s a rare Youngster who asks for help. Good thing, bad thing? Who knows?

One thought on “Getting Wherever However

  1. You might find the post on Guides (Nov. 22, 2014) and Quests (Nov. 10, 2014) of related interest, if you have not read them recently. Just sayin’….


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