A rose is a rose…

is a rose. Not surprisingly, the same thing is true for watermelons. Clearly. This is what is known as Common Sense, information on which everyone agrees.

8-9 Knowing Stuff

We would point out that most Common Sense proceeds without investigation or conscious attention. We just know things and leave them to their own devices. Why fuss?

Every now and again Rhinos like to review the elements of what is commonly known, just to see if things have changed. They almost invariably have. Then uncommon knowledge is factored into the mix.

We are brilliant.

5 thoughts on “A rose is a rose…

  1. Brilliant, indeed. The look on this rhino’s face is priceless! And I like watermelon. Common sense eludes me at times, but I’m working on it.


  2. Common sense. Yes. Seems to be a dying characteristic of the human race. Thank goodness there are rhinos around to keep it from going extinct!


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