On the Same Wavelength

8-2 GalleryMusings

There are many Languages available, here and there. Urdu, English, or Swahili, what the speaker means and what the audience hears are unpredictable. Each speaker has personal thoughts that shape speech, and each listener has individual baggage skewing reception. Rhinos are often struck with how mixed up messages seem to get.

And there is communication without words of any kind, like Art. Even there, confusions exist between the artist and the viewer. You can read somebody’s explanation, but it never captures the essence of a painting, or sculpture, or drama, or song. We respond with some other part of Us; Art is an experience. That said, each of Us may respond differently at different stages of ourselves.

Rhinos don’t speak much at all. We communicate with some sounds, but mostly by scent. We heartily recommend it as a system.

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