7-13 Baobab

Rhinos are always interested in the core values and motivating processes of plants, in this case the Baobab Tree. We have tried over the millennia to focus our thinking in such a way as to absorb the Vegetative Vibrations, to root out the Baobab Mystique, as it were. Heh, heh.

It might be argued that Nature does not mean Us to comprehend Baobabness; the same opaque rules hold true for dandelions and lichen as well. They are true to themselves, and to their methods and schemes. Rocks too.

What’s also true is that We are not a great deal better at truly knowing what any other being, Rhinos included, has on its mind. We may observe, and draw conclusions, but ultimately, none of Us is entirely Knowable.

Said and done, do We each know ourselves that much better?

2 thoughts on “BaobabSpeak

    • You are kind. We at YIR will strive to supply more to please you, yes We will. Also, let’s face it, how can one go wrong with a picture of a Baobab? Very satisfying trees, any way you view it.


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