Chewing things over

7-6 ChewingThingsOver

To the casual passerby it may seem that Rhinos are comatose, munching away, but that is not the case. We spend half of our time eating, maintaining our fulsome figures. And during that activity, We have plenty of time for Deep Thinking and Cogitations on cosmic and lesser issues.

Our source material is infinite, all Natural. It is proof against Time and Place, and easily deals with Science and Nit Picking. And Deprecation, when it shows up.

Finding a Rhino dinner is sometimes trying, but the part when it gets into our mouths is entirely pleasurable. We have time to Think.

At which, We are good, sufficient to our needs. Is there more?

One thought on “Chewing things over

  1. Eating while ruminating: the ultimate multitasking! My favorite. I only wish my figure wasn’t quite so fulsome 😀


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