Fanfaritude & Numerology!

5-4 Big 200

Today marks the 200th Installment of Your Inner Rhino! We are feeling good and plenty about it.

On the same wavelength, Your Inner Rhino is into its 32nd week. When We were planning the blog, We were informed that 13 weeks was the usual lifespan of a blog, so We have passed that deadline, and to spare- times 2 plus.

It is true that We Rhinos are not reliable with counting; We had to be notified that this was a Special Event. But We are always ready for a party.

Confetti Time!

9 thoughts on “Fanfaritude & Numerology!

  1. Ta-da! Congratulations! Huzzah! Well done you! I look forward to your whimsey and philosophy so much that when I see an incoming from you I giggle with delight.


  2. Congratulations, my friend! Since numbers are vague and uncertain things, I’ll just hope for more and more blogging. To your success again and again!


  3. Hooray! Ta Daaa! And all kinds of good wishes! Just goes to show what a great blog this is and how many of Us resonate with it! Resonating Rhinos…

    Jamie Howard


    • Always good to see a reason for a party – and what could be better! Congratulations. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


  4. Isn’t there an old saw that says you’ve finished a children’s book when you’ve gotten to the 32nd page? Wait for a moment, please. I’m counting (one, two, three…one, two, three…). So does this mean you’ve got enough material for 67 chidren’s books (knowing that the adults will steal them away)?


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