On the Rocks


We do not recall the day when Humans came onto the R Radar. They scampered around, doing who-knew-what, and We let them have their day. In the trees, in the grass, into everything. A spirited crew. Nature comprehends its own goals, not We Rhinos.

To be clear, Rhinos had been around for 50 million years or so at that point, so We had developed a great many skills and sensibilities already.

But it turned out that Humans had a keen interest in Tools. You may not think of stones as tools, but when somebody hurls one at you, it gets noticed. It is called the Stone Age for a reason. Rocks were abundant, all over the place. Humans were drawn to them.

When a species is in its infancy, We must be patient. We went further than that and offered advice and support. We will never know where you Readers might be were it not for Rhino Guidance, will We?

You’re welcome.

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