Snooze Alarm

2-21 BedsideManner

Rhinos don’t have beds. But We are told that you can get out of the Wrong Side of one, and be cranky as a result. Our question is: how does anybody know which side is which? Does the bed come with directions?

Those of Us with an active Inner Rhino know how close to the edge We sometimes feel, décor issues aside. Seems hazardous associating with mood-altering furniture.

Maybe there is a part of this We do not fully grasp. Weird.

5 thoughts on “Snooze Alarm

  1. I love both the art and the idea here. So devious decor design aside, does being plagued with capricious moods mean I’m in close touch with my Inner Rhino?
    You know, I understand now why it was hard to explain what your rhino oeuvre would be before you started. But it so clear and delicious now, truly unique. Whimsical and profound. I miss you so.


    • At issue here is your interpretation of capricious moods. ‘Capricious’ is the only flavor they come in. So that is not a plague but a source of wonderment and ‘aha’-ness. Your Inner Rhino is caroming off the walls with the alternatives at your disposal.


  2. “Mood altering furniture…” Oh, God, what did you do with all these ideas/concepts crowding and cavorting in your head for a lifetime before the life-saving invention of this utterly unique outlet (blog)? It must have been a carnival…


    • Fortunately, these Odd Ideas live in a section of me that takes me by surprise. I think that they may be having a very good time, cavorting themselves sick, but I am not in on the joke until they release an idea. They hoard themselves in there, so they take me unawares. Probably that section of me is My Inner Rhino.


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