Small pleasures are pleasures nonetheless

GumdropDay 2:15

As you are probably aware, today is National Gumdrop Day. We assume you are already prepared for the event, and who would blame you?

One small point though: Percy Trusdale was not entirely alone in his 1801 experiments with the gumdrop. We do not wish to steal his thunder, but We do feel entitled to a rumble or two when gumdrops come up in casual conversation. Please bear it in mind.


One thought on “Small pleasures are pleasures nonetheless

  1. I have to admit I was unaware of national gumdrop day, but I think it is a grand idea. Especially as they come in such sparkling, colors and scintillating smells, at a time when we are so blinded by miles of nothing but white with only the faintest memory of what grass and flowers used to look like. We are STARVED for more than sweet tummy treats!


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