Downwind Data


Each and Every Rhino has a distinctive scent. We smell like Us at birth. We are known to one another by scent, mother-to-tot, tot-to-mom, mano-a-mano, BFFs, neighbors, etc., etc.

We take in vegetable matter, and through a surprising transformation, it is converted into poop. Not just any poop however, but highly individualized poop. All the time the food is inside, different Teams are manipulating matters so that when it comes out, any Rhino would know it was your poop and yours alone.

Each of Us produces a daily poop diary. Each of the stars on the chart represents a check-point where the Team takes action, improving the product, based on a host of variables. The Team orchestrates our scentformation, detailing our health, our mindset, and a raft of other particulars. You name the characteristic, it has its unique bouquet.

Flabbergasting, this Team. HOW DO THEY DO IT?!?

The answer is: Genius!

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