Distinct sounds

There is a lot of sound here and about. How We process it is hard to explain; pretty unpredictable what grabs our attention. Sometimes it feels like Dumb Luck is calling the shots.

What’s easy to evaluate is whether the Team is functioning effectively. If not, the listener (We) can get into Trouble. Not all sound is enchanting in the Wild.

It’s a good thing that We are Quick. Once We know what’s going on, that is.

8 thoughts on “Wavelengths

  1. Bill. I love this one about hearing…the physiology of hearing meets the psychology of perception meets psychedelic brain patterns. May I purchase a print copy of this, please?


    • Alexa- You are welcome to pull the image right from your screen, and print it yourself, at whatever scale you like. Or take it to a printer. No purchase necessary; I’m glad it struck a chord with you.


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