but Not Forgotten

Gone but...

These two images represent the other odd-toed kin of our ancient family. They have moved along in the Sweep of Time.

Brontotheres were burly critters, browsing around. They had unique horns, oddly shaped like a nasal forklift. Some were quite big, some were less so. That’s how Nature uses Time, to try things out. They exited about 32 million years ago, after a 6 million year run (or so). Like We were counting… har, har.

Humans have only been around for 2 million years, so We can see that Brontotheres made their mark in the time they were allotted. Just to clarify, We are discussing Millions of Years here. A lot of Time. A whole lot.

Chilicotheres had a happy history, about as long as ours, though they departed 4 million years ago. They started out as We all did, lumpy and hard to tell apart. When they got their Call they developed long front limbs, shorter back ones. Very even tempered is how We recall them. One thing: their front hoofs changed into claws, though nobody can quite recall what they did with them. They lived just about everywhere, again, in a variety of sizes. 40 million years seem an impressive run, even to Us. A serious posthumous Bravo!

Applause always has its place in critter interaction.

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