Ticked Off

As mentioned, We eat greens. We stroll among the grasses and shrubs, munching and cogitating and humming. Pastoral pursuits, annoying no one.

But– All is Not Well. Among the friendly plants creep our teensy, virtually invisible nemeses: Ticks. These merciless critters jump Us, and seek aggravating places to bite Us. We are the bonanza four-legged Cafeterias of the Tick Universe.


(Among themselves, Ticks may be comradely and a lot of fun. There, that’s all the even-handedness We are giving to these freeloaders.)

But there is Hope! Our feathered friends actually like Ticks; the Food Chain chugs on. They flock Us, and locate these invisible colonists, and then, Ha-Ha!, Mealtime: Part 2 commences. Hoozah and Thank you very much, says the Cafeteria.

Shown are Mynah birds, which are diligent and sociable. They are gossipy, though their ideas of what is intriguing is not always Rhino, if you see what We mean. That said, We would listen to anything for the relief they afford Us by ridding Us of these pestilential bugs.

We live in the Wild. Like every other plaything of Nature, We are designed to graciously bear what must be born. We bear Ticks, but are not always 100% Gracious about it. There is a Limit, you know. Even for Us.

(Mynah birds don’t weigh much, if you were wondering.)

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