4 thoughts on “Day One of the New Year

  1. Love this, Bill! You have such an amazing hand!

    This might sound a like a little bit of a strange comparison, but what the hey…

    On our last trip to England, we visited Chatsworth (ancestral manor home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire in the midlands). Chatsworth houses a wonderful sculpture gallery. Within, was one piece that absolutely stopped me in my tracks and caused me to do a cartoon-like double- or triple-take. The piece, by Raffaelle Monti, was of a woman wearing a veil. I walked past it, stopped, and said, “Holy crap. that’s marble!” (I know, I know…elegant phrasing…)

    ​Here’s the thing…I love the translucence of the netting around your princess’s tall cap. Took me straight back to Raffaelle Monti and Chatsworth.

    Much love and wishes for a fabulous year!


    On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 6:35 PM, Your Inner Rhino wrote:

    > Bill Schroder posted: ” and wishing you well all the other days, as > well.”


    • We saw the Chatsworth lady, and it was a special favorite with Elias. It is so delicately done that is seems an impossible juxtaposition, as you note. Makes you gasp. Elias says there is another veiled damsel at Windsor, in case you’re wandering around there sometime.


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