Eye spy!

Eyeball apparatus

It is true that our eyes are not as sensorially swell as our noses or ears. Way Back When they say it was better, but that may have been before We started growing horns. We are unclear on that topic; it was millions of years ago, like lots of millions. However, what is for sure is that it is hard to see around a horn or two in the middle of the face. Even today.

SO in the Wild our noses and ears are the First-Alert System. (Or sometimes crazed birds flapping around.) Then We look for any unusual activity. Then mostly We trot away. But sometimes We go Quickly to check it out. We are pretty Quick, whatever you might have thought. Often the disturbance runs away pretty Quick on its own.

This lens-mirror doofangle in the picture is nonsense, since there are no Optometrists in the Wild.  Might be fun to try out a doofangle, but probably We’d flip out from what We saw all of a sudden. We need to edit stimuli, to avoid overheating.

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