If I’ve told you once…

Temper 10-23Ah, how lovely it would be if a whip and a chair could control the matter. We Rhinos have quite a reputation as peppery, and to some degree it’s justified. Our burden is our extreme sensitivity, our own artistical spirit, our reactivity to a slew of stimuli. Life in the Wild is unpredictable, and sometimes our nerves just punt Us over the edge. Generally We are placid, refined. Then, to our own astonishment, We are triggered by something-or-other, and We go ballistic. Then out pops some “Extreme Behavior”.

When the dust settles, We often have regrets. That, unfortunately, does not always rectify the situation. Thus in the Wild, We are often left alone to attend to our own business, undisturbed by other critters. That way, nobody needs to be sorry. Works for everyone.

“Caveat Interventor”. (Let the intruder beware). Ah, Latin! Pretty classy, huh?

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