Supper’s On!


We eat vegetables, grasses, green stuff- nothing else. A lot of plants. We cannot do without them, and what is truly astounding is that Nature provides enough for all of Us. A few bad years, occasionally, but…

The Five Families live in five different locales, so We eat what is available where We are. We are nothing, if not versatile. Run short of one thing, move on to another, wherever it may grow.

We are diligent chewers. We work a big bunch of hours a day, locating and munching vegetables and grass and fruit and leaves. We are built to thrive on it, and We have- for 55 million years. Some track record, right? For both Us and the vegetables.

2 thoughts on “Supper’s On!

  1. Bill dear, Ann Firestone posted your site on facebook and I was thrilled to see it. I have the collection of your cards from the Cincinnati Playhouse days. Best to you L.A. Adams


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