Readers may sometimes forget that Your Inner Rhino is entirely focused on Rhinos, on our history, interests, needs, and states of mind.

That is the point of this project. Readers wonder why We don’t include other critters. It is because there is so much to say about Rhinos, AND, We don’t presume to know what is on the mind of a Wildebeest; We don’t know. We’re busy, they’re busy.

Any Rhino questions you may have for the YIR Staff are warmly welcome. Often We can give a reasonable answer, sooner or later… or admit We haven’t a clue.


Since the days of the ancient Romans, eggs have been a popular appetizer. No, they were not the Deviled Eggs We think of today, but close enough to initiate discussion.

Rhinos love them primarily for their name, which actually refers to the spiciness of the stuffing. Being pretty spicy critters ourselves, We naturally acknowledge a kindred association.

Sadly, Deviled Eggs do not occur much in the Wild.

Return Engagement

As We Rhinos recover from the exertions of October, We must reorganize and address November, which is revving its engines.

November is a busy month, but We have no choice but to get in gear, and shimmer along.

Not every species is equal to it. Rhinos are just lucky, We guess.

Snow White and Friends

Snow White is a favorite Rhino Tale, though the emotional roller coaster of the story is overwhelming. Those Brothers Grimm! Wow! Snow White is given a home by a bunch of little men. More than three, less than a hundred, all helpful and kind.

Those are the secret ingredients of any good story, say We.

A tip: for Halloween, get a Snow White dress and use dolls for her supporters. Dolls don’t eat up the Treats.


Ghouls and Zombies are in fashion at this time, whenever that is.

Scaring the b-jeepers out of people is a somewhat lowlife activity, but Just Once a year? Besides, since everybody is warned, the candy donors can gird their loins and tough it out. OR call the Police.