Mentality, sort of

A Rhino can be taken by surprise, waking one day, realizing that all is not quite right, for one reason or another. Step One is then to pinpoint what’s the matter with the situation, and Step Two is figuring out what to do about it.

Often there are answers, but We Rhinos are not constitutionally formed to know what to do AND then do it. Good intentions, but often, haphazard delivery. We get distracted easily.

The fact is, Rhinos receive so many gifts from Nature that our obvious course of action is to stop Wallowing and Skip.

Skill Sets

Rhinos cannot do Everything, but We are good at picking up skills as We do our rounds. Skills that need no equipment are best, as We have no way to transport equipment.

But We have high-level imaginations, and can practice up on the spur of the moment. And We do, mostly when nobody’s watching. Then We are all ready to go, if and when.

Rhinos like hypothetical accomplishments.


We Rhinos welcome March; it’s our tradition. Hello, March. Rorroworroworowwwor! Rfffff, Rfffff!

Lions themselves have very little sense of humor, We have found. So how come they get to make a fuss on March 1? Hm-Hmm?

A related question: Which month should have Rhinos for Day #1?


Preparing for Major Moments takes a lot of TLC. First, for the performer, and Second, for the Moment.

Rhinos do not get tuckered easily, but sometimes We do approach our limit.

And then, tick, tick, tick! and We’ve done it Again, so We can relax!

Fine Lines

Today We discuss the difference between there and here, often defined by lines. These lines have a lot of names (Contiguous, Coterminous, & Conterminous) pointing out proximity of one area to another (Bordering, Adjacent, Neighboring). We probably missed another dozen terms, but oh well. The idea is that one thing gives way for another, at a specific point or series of points (a line).

These lines can separate one wad of land from another, or land from water, or one nation from another. (See the map.)

In one sense, these lines are meaningless, but as political-economic buffers they take on importance. Needless to say, to Rhinos they mean nothing much, but to our Readers, they have significance. We like to encourage a happy Readership, for sure.

at sunrise

When the wake-up call sounds, We are each yanked from behind Slumber’s Veil into some semblance of consciousness. Consciousness mixed with mud.

We lumber forth, and get back into Alertitude after a few clumsy steps. How alert We stay is another matter, to be addressed on another day.

Good morning, Sunshine.