Natural History, Museum of…

Hr Ole Worm, a Danish teacher, naturalist and doctor, is known for making the first museum of natural wonders in Denmark. The museum included runes, critters, fishes, shells, anthropology bits and pieces, and a pet Great Auk, which modeled for the only picture ever made of a Great Auk alive. Shortly after the drawing, Greak Auks became extinct.

Hr Worm was a Renaissance man, interested and stimulated by a range of phenomena, in a different intellectual landscape from today. For instance, in his time, Lemmings were believed to be generated by the air. Hr Worm showed that this was not the case. (Lemmings make more Lemmings by the usual system of mammals.)

Sadly, while coping with an outbreak of bubonic plague, he fell victim to the illness and died. But his museum stands today as a tribute to his intelligence and dedication. Good guy, and obviously in touch with his Inner Rhino.

Maximal Motherhood

Living in a shoe makes special demands on any parent, especially if there are a great many Tots.

You can imagine the complexities for yourselves. Each passing minute offers novelty, each more surprising than the last.

Rhinos are born with capacities in the Prank Department. Also, a lot of energy.

Taking Notice

We Rhinos have concluded that We are oblivious to much that’s going on around Us. This is not a deliberate inactivity, some hostile gesture toward Reality. Maybe it is just a short circuit, a glitch in the wiring.

But today We were just doing whatever when We realized how GREEN things have become. Makes our hearts skip a beat or two. The Big Bang Theory, reapplied where Rhinos can grasp it. Or grasp at it. Or nibble it.

Stimulating, once We wake up to it. Green.

Many Winks

Some critters appear to be able to count in their sleep; Rhinos settle for approximations. Lots of Winks.

We go to sleep quickly. No hemmming and hawing. Close the eyes= see ya later. No wasted time in R. Dreamland, not for Us.

That is just how We are constituted.


We Rhinos see little distinction between plotting a journey, and trying to figure out what’s going on in our heads. There are a few obvious differences, but what is more to the point, as We see it, is that we are constantly in touch with all the junk in our minds. The junk serves as a filter, predetermining what We see and how We see it. Also Why.

What to do about this startling observation? Wish one another Good Luck.

Periodic Inspiration

The moon is full, and all Rhinos are sensitive to the influence it exerts on Us. We view the Full Moon on our own terms, as you Readers see it on yours.

The light the moon sheds is unlke any other. And We Rhinos don’t waste time analyzing it; We bathe in it, mesmerized.

And Rhinos are grateful for it… weather allowing.