We Rhinos mostly focus on what’s up, what’s on its way, what’s in the wind.

But today, which marks the 2,800th post on ‘Your Inner Rhino’, We glance back and feel good.

And We think of our Readers with warmth and gratitude. Thank you for your participation.

Live & Let Live

Honestly, when you got up today, did you ask yourself if the world’s Rhinos would be pleased you got all of it right? Sounds silly doesn’t it?

Rhinos feel the same way about trying to please You. We’re happy to report on R concerns and efforts to communicate with you, but Nature only provides so much time and patience.

We are mostly fine, and hope you are too. Please take the time to notice the fact.


Today is, if you can believe it, National Sense of Smell Day. Of course, it is meaningful to Rhinos since it’s one of our primary senses. Can’t figure something out? Sniff it; a magic carpet of information will unroll itself, usually.

Noses do require upkeep. We have to keep up to date so We recognize new stuff. Being Rhinoid often seems demanding, but Rhinos are built tough, ready for a challenge.

Every little breeze seems to whisper………….La lalala.

First things First

On April 30, 1789 George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States of America. At the same time, his wife, Martha became the nation’s first First Lady.

First Lady is a tough job, centered as it is on protocol, hospitality, and national imagery. Not a task for the faint of heart or easily bored. Tomorrow is First Ladies Day.

Among Rhinos there are no First or Second or Billionth Ladies. Each Rhino gal is doing her best on a daily basis. Never doubt it.


Dear YIR Readers,

I have a new computer, which is good. However, it will not let me make a jpg which I can attach to a post. It offers either PSD or Tiff, which I do not know about. Any practical solutions would be welcome, assuming they do not carry personal remarks about my ignorance.

The art was all ready to go last night, in plenty of time, but Fate intervened, as described.

Hold the fort, and We at YIR will wrastle this irritant to the ground… I hope.



Fun & Games

R.Tots have mixed feelings about games, as defined by older Rhinos. The idea of a game seems like fun, a good time to be had by all. Or, it is another “learning opportunity”, which is all very well, but there is a lurking test involved, and the odds are against the Tot.

Rhinos do not count beyond 3, so all the rules in the middle are sketchy at best. In fact they are even sketchier than they look; the game is scored by mystery systems, and the order of the rules changes on the whim of the Administrator. The goal may be altered in mid-course or extra rules can be introduced, again, by the Administrator.

This approach to fun is to help the R.Tot understand the nature of much of R.Adulthood. There the rules and given information shift and transform, willy-nilly. Games, like maturity, are played by rules devised by Invisible Forces. It’s lots of fun.

Wild, Wilder, Wildest

Rhinos are certainly Wild Animals, but there is some debate about whether We are Wild from the get-go, or maybe the experience Nature provides is what makes Us wild. Who can say? It may be a case-by-case situation. Some RTots are excitable in infancy, others not so much til later. Maybe it’s based on diet?

We take things as they come. That does not mean Rhinos have to like them. No. Our job is to keep up the good work, regardless.