Colorful Language

Despite our placid Rhino demeanor, there are times when We test our limits for Exasperation. We find We can no longer contain ourselves. So We let off steam, mostly by Ranting and Thundering around. Sort of like interpretive dances but lacking the sophistication those expressions might embody.

Although it feels good to annoy everyone with our bombast and assault techniques, We have longsince come to the conclusion that We achieve very little with our demonstrations. Witnesses may recall the hullabaloo itself, but are surprised to learn that there was something specific on our minds.

Perhaps Rhinos secretly just want to yell and stomp. Both can be satisfying if done with conviction and a dimensional vocabulary.

Rolling, or rolled, along

When We find ourselves confused by a situation, Rhinos often wonder just how much We individually contributed to the problems of the moment. Often We successfully note our contribution to a mess, but not always.

Sometimes We feel that matters are out of hand, and will get worse shortly. Yet our active part in the scenario is mysterious. We will be sorry, yes. But We will also be vague about how We got involved.

It does teach Us that a Rhino is not always in charge of matters that will have an impact. Seems too bad, frankly.


Here at ‘Your Inner Rhino’ We like to think We are addressing Readers’ questions about the planet, Rhinocerine history, and why things are the way they are in all departments. We do not claim to have every answer, but We like to think We are making a contribution to the universal enigmas of Life.

We would be happy to respond to issues you find pressing on the brain, of any size or stature. The burdens of Today may fester if not uplifted by Rhino Insights, right? How could you go wrong?

So please let Us know what’s gnawing at your ankle, or perplexing you at bedtime. Leave a Comment in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section. Rhinos like to help out.

Tickling the Ivories

We are at something of a loss when asked if Rhinos are musical. The matter needs analysis Rhinos can’t provide or discern.

We like the noise We make, which is different from the noise our Readers make. Is that a basis for applauding one and denigrating the other?

Only if you are looking for evidence for distancing yourself from Us. Seems pretty pointless to Us. Why bother?

Your Majesty

Rhinos love to try on roles and outfits and mindsets, but our Atttention Span is nothing to crow about… We talk the talk, but fussing with walking the walk is too bothersome. We skip that part; what if we were late for Breakfast?

Don’t ever think that Rhinos don’t know how to have a good time.

Game, more or less

Grimly enough, Rhinos are thought of as Big Game in some circles. The Gamesters in question use guns to shoot Us in our homes, a sportsmanlike system. We are not abusing them in their homes; they buy tickets to come slaughter Us. No cogent argument exists to defend this premeditated practice. They don’t even eat Us.

Some Critters would find these activities depressing, but We are a good-natured species. We proceed with Rhino Business, attending to our Rhino Functions, seeking pleasure where it resides- where Nature placed Us.

Rhinos prefer games like “Let’s find Breakfast” and “Let’s find Lunch”. Then, “Let’s enjoy Dinner and Snacks”.


Rhinos like things to be calm and collected. That said, We do keep our eyes peeled for unscheduled activities, which have a way of showing up when our backs are turned. What courage will not mend must be addressed by speedy analysis and response.

We are amazed at how accidents occur, almost always without warning or appropriate gear. A Rhino is dandy, then the same Rhino is not dandy, just like that!

This state of affairs would make Us nervous, but Rhinos roll out the hysterics only when needed.

now and then, or, then and now

From time to time, events play tricks on Us Rhinos. We see ourselves one way for quite a time, then some X factor gets tossed into the salad bowl, and We must adjust.

These changes are not tragic nor giddy nor intentional. They just place a demand on Us to gather our wits and do what We can. We have to witness our own processes.

A bit bewildering, like adolescence, but not out of the question.

Shook up

Hello again, Readers. The Staff are back at the ranch, although We have each had our own unique adventures while away. We assume you have too. Different thoughts or confusions. Good news, new news, no news.

All in all, it’s good being back in the saddle, feeling there’s plenty left to say. But We cannot say the Staff that left last week has come back with the same marbles in the same order. Annoying as the adjusments may be, at least We realize we have to get back on our toes.

That project will be easier, once We find the ‘Up’ button.

The Dirty Dozen

We have been feeling guilty over ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ this year. The count starts on Christmas Day. But We have not given them much attention.

So here is Day 12, this very day. We hope the other days will excuse Us; seems like somewhere there are eight maids-a-milking, feeling peevish. And who could blame them?