At Last!!

Today is National Fruitcake Day , which probably has you skipping hither and thither!

Rhinos like Fruitcake and study recipes. The Rhino system of baked goods is to 1) Find a fruitcake and eat it, or 2) Gather all the ingredients, and gobble them up, right away, where possible. It saves many labor intensive steps, employing utensils Rhinos don’t have. Probably the most important ingredient is Patience, which We are not known for.

In the WIld Rhinos own nothing. Still, We have our imaginations, which cover most of our culinary needs. Delicious.


Imagine, if you will, the level of Horror and Contrition We experienced when We realized that We had missed the Solstice boat. Two days into Winter before We wake up and smell the cocoa.

Miserere Nobis.

Fortunately, Rhinos are not given to prolonged self-criticism, so We can get on with the Season.

Exciting times

The Holiday Season is crammed with events, all different kinds. Should be a time of Revelry.

But things can get out of hand. Sometimes the Fiesta gets Us Rhinos too buzzed up. We hit our limits for Big Times and have to go in for repairs, mostly mental.

Electrifying, that’s what it is. Ask anybody.

a Timely Warning

Popular rumor is that Glaciers travel slowly. We Rhinos do not live near many glaciers today, but a few million years ago, We could not get out of their ways. We got all hairy, and kept warm that way.

Still there is plenty of RhinoLore about Glaciation. The moral seems to be: When you see a Glacier on the horizon, move away. They travel a lot faster than you might assume.

And in any argument, the Glacier wins.


It is all very well to brim with Self Confidence, strutting one’s way from one situation to another. Some critters jump into action, knowing What but often, not Why.

However, perhaps it is a perk of being very Big Critters, that Rhinos must figure out what to do or think. We may be right, or We may be mistaken, leaving out some key feature of a decision. Intelligence can cause delay, but it’s a burden Rhinos must bear.