The “Back-Then” Department

Clio was the Greek Muse of History, a giant field of study for a culture cluttered with events and legends. Today, many of those tales are famous still.

History interests Rhinos. It is made up of parts and reports and spotty records, often made by who-knows-who and who-knows-why. Not to mention other documents long gone or never discovered.

Ancient Greeks were a proud people, and took great interest in their roots, to the extent that they knew what they were. A Very Rhino Approach.

On the Light Side

Thalia was the Muse of dramatic comedy for the Ancient Greeks. Like her sister muses, she was helping citizens get some perspective on the ups-and-downs of their lives.

Comedy for the Greeks came in many flavors. At one end of the spectrum, nobody dies and at the other is more buffoonery, slapstick silliness and fools getting fooled. In the middle there is satire, more critical of society’s little ways.

Rhinos like banana peel humor the best…

But what about Me?

The ancient Greeks had a rich and varied culture. Nine minor goddesses oversaw artistic production, aimed at keeping folks tuned in. Melpomene was the Muse of Tragedy.

Tragedy centers on poisoned Choices made for the benefit of a main dramatic character- Choices which lead to catastrophe for almost everyone. Wasted potential for goodness is seen as Tragic.

Seems right, but Rhinos don’t have much opportunity for seeing our situation as Tragic.

inside out, AND, outside in

Each of Us Rhinos has an outside with its own demands, maintenance, and appearance. That’s the part other critters see, a probable expression of something inside.

Most of the time, We Rhinos have no thought about what anybody else makes of Us. We realize We are in no position to judge them, so why would they imagine they know Us? Hm-Hmmmmmm?

(Left, Inside, office party with snacks/ Right, Outside, in mid-meander)


Making up our minds is not easy for Rhinos. We have so many ideas and almost-ideas and say-what? ideas, We have to stay alert.

The alert part is for changing our minds when it turns out We got it wrong, whatever ‘it’ may be. And then what?

It is wonderful to be insightful, but it does not mean We understand any picture, big or small. It is just an indicator that Rhinos are awake… even in Dreamland.


To you sticklers, We Rhinos know tonight is not the Full moon. However, officially the full moon lasts 3 days, of which this is #1. Tomorrow is the Full-Full Moon, so tonight is a practice round.

This is the Harvest Moon, as anybody could tell.

MARVELOUS!!! Makes Us restless.


Almost all Rhinos have quirks and eccentricities with which We cope as best We can. With time, We get accustomed to our own little ways, and hop along through our days.

We do wonder if being Perfect would make the road smoother, but We doubt it. In all likelihood, Rhinos will never know.

The Sass Factor

Young Rhinos have more than enough sass to exhaust anybody. Acting crazy is a help, but Mom has only so much patience. The Rhino Solution is of long standing: Mom designates an area, referred to as a Tantrum Corral, in which the Tot can holler and wriggle and spasm without limit. BUT, no leaving the Corral until you quiet down.

It’s surprising how long some Tots can carry on. But after a while, or a day or two, the Tot gets hungry. That helps. No snacks til you’re calmish. A tried-and-true method of Behavior Modification.