Honorable Mention

Some letters have come our way, focused on the bias We have for Rhinoceroses. “Bias”: seems to mean unfair and stinky. Apparently there are few specific targets nominated for specific criticism. How We Rhinos could hope to respond is lost in a fog of bruised feelings.

It seems these Readers have missed the point of our Blog-ular Efforts. As Rhinos, We admit that other species’ concerns are theirs to evaluate. We wish them all the best; We Rhinos are keenly aware of our difficulties as We press forward with our Blog. We want to discuss any matter any Reader would seriously offer for consideration, whatever the species.

Our blog is Rhino-Centric, We know. It would be mighty odd if it was something else. Our blog posts aim at improving inter-species relations- making the whole project Special. Though Rhino Opinion seems unequivocally insightful to Us, We would not be surprised if another critter had some other idea. It happens. Our World is mysterious.

A Rose by any other Name

Wm. Buckland, DD, a dean at Oxford, in the UK, was a theologian, but also a self-determined geologist. For his singular accomplishment he will always be linked to the study of dinosaurs and other ancient lifeforms because (Ta-Daaa!) he was the first person to give his specimens Names. This may not seem major to you, dear Readers, but his process and studies made for a good deal of fuss back in the 1820s, 30s and 40s. He got lots of medals.

Shown here is a Megalosaurus, meaning Giant Lizard. But Mr. Buckland was working his theories out based on a handful of random bones. (No complete Megalosaur has ever been found, though they formed a large and varied family.) Nobody had done it before, and it makes an interesting study.

The major error of Mr. Buckland’s model is that Megalosaurus walked on his hind legs. Easy for us to say now, but back then the models to work from were the animals, like crocodiles, still around. The history of how folks come to grip with this world is fascinating, say We Rhinos.

Take a deep breath

Many plants produce a fragrance that attracts useful bugs and critters. Useful means that they offer some benefit to the plant. So all over the place, greenery is pumping out Sniff-Stimulants.

Rhinos are not official connoisseurs, but We know a lot about scent, both production and interpretation. What is a fact is that Scent travels in tiny globules, wafted by the breeze.

However, Scent is not uniform or static. ‘Sweet & alluring’ today can turn into ‘disgusting & revolting’ any time it wants to. We have a long history of being fooled, but Rhinos are working on the problem. In truth, our success thus far has been modest. Good luck to Us.

ONE-two-three, One-two-three

One of Nature’s strengths is a sense of Rhythm. Rhinos discovered that if it was spring last year, it is likely to be spring again, soonish.

We go into training every time it occurs to Us. Obviously We have a lot on our minds and things to attend to, other than the three seasons. Rhinos do have responsibilities, y’know.

To call Us ‘Dancing Fools’ might be an overstatement, but then again, it might not.


Some critters swear that they get more hairy when the moon in full. If there is a cure for that odd train of thought, it has yet to be discovered.

Food for conjecture, at the very least and perhaps.

Rhinos have been hairy, and in some cases still are, but that’s Nature’s Way. No sober critter would fool with N’sW. Rhinos salute and get with the program.

Premonitionally Speaking

Not all Rhinos are receptive to hyper-intuition. However, these abilities are appraised on a sliding scale, and usually everybody gets some, one way or another.

We have no conscious control over these Inklings; they just pop out of wherever they hide out, and just as quickly depart. It is up to the given Rhino to evaluate the impression the Inkling has left, and share it wisely with the R. Community. Or particular friends.

Often a mesage is in black and white, but for Us Rhinos, oftener in retina-spasming color.

Mentality, sort of

A Rhino can be taken by surprise, waking one day, realizing that all is not quite right, for one reason or another. Step One is then to pinpoint what’s the matter with the situation, and Step Two is figuring out what to do about it.

Often there are answers, but We Rhinos are not constitutionally formed to know what to do AND then do it. Good intentions, but often, haphazard delivery. We get distracted easily.

The fact is, Rhinos receive so many gifts from Nature that our obvious course of action is to stop Wallowing and Skip.