Ah, Villainy

Piracy doesn’t hold back when it comes to Bad Behavior. Whatever the opportunity, Pirates slither in, or crash in, or just show up, making trouble and imposing a level of Thrill to any occasion.

Today We focus on Captain James HOOK, a character from Sir James Barrie’s PETER PAN. You name it, Hook’s done it, and can’t wait to do it again. However, as with anybody, Good or Bad, Hook has his nemesis, a hungry Crocodile. Fortunately, the crocodile has swallowed an alarm clock, which forewarns Hook by its ticking. (BTW, the croc’s appetite explains Hook’s hook.)

Rhinos do not celebrate Bad Behavior, but We do relish opportunities to get out of line and mischief-make. Creative Chaos, We call it.

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