Natural History, Museum of…

Hr Ole Worm, a Danish teacher, naturalist and doctor, is known for making the first museum of natural wonders in Denmark. The museum included runes, critters, fishes, shells, anthropology bits and pieces, and a pet Great Auk, which modeled for the only picture ever made of a Great Auk alive. Shortly after the drawing, Greak Auks became extinct.

Hr Worm was a Renaissance man, interested and stimulated by a range of phenomena, in a different intellectual landscape from today. For instance, in his time, Lemmings were believed to be generated by the air. Hr Worm showed that this was not the case. (Lemmings make more Lemmings by the usual system of mammals.)

Sadly, while coping with an outbreak of bubonic plague, he fell victim to the illness and died. But his museum stands today as a tribute to his intelligence and dedication. Good guy, and obviously in touch with his Inner Rhino.

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