Family Trees are somewhat surprising. Each of Us Rhinos arrives, resembling both our parents, plus any other parents anybody had beforehand. And that’s just the beginning. Since We are raised by our mothers, We are at the mercy of whatever she has to share with Us. Not just rules and regulations, but a default frame of mind.

You see the hazard, but We have not figured out any dependable way to avoid the pitfalls. If Mom is cheery, but not too bright, We are likely to reflect those qualities, either by jumping on board or rebelling and acting impossible. Motherhood is an Assignment all right. The same is true of R Tothood.

We just drew a fancy tree to imply there’s a lot going on, and We should make the best of the fact. Maturing is just one of those unavoidable hazards. We say, as was said to Us, Good Luck.

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