Getting Organized

Rhinos are often occupied with schemes, sorting out how to achieve whatever it is that needs it. But our strategies have a tendency to multitask themselves, often in astonishing directions. We thought We were heading one way, but another takes over and streaks into left field. We get very little warning; We just have to adjust and recalibrate our efforts. “Focus, Focus, Focus”, mutter We to ourselves. Ourselves just roll our eyes and control our urge to panic. We mutter some more.

The surprising part of this topic is how good We Rhinos are at making charts and diagrams, each showing how things should relate and synchronize. Rhino charts are both decorative and convincing. Anybody would want one, just for the pleasure of working out the Rhino Logic and praising our species according to our gifts.

But then it is snacktime and We forget what We were doing and why. Unfortunate, but true.

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