Air Currents

Rhinos are sensitive to all kinds of smell. Sweet fragrances charm Us the way they do everybody else. But all living things have a range of odors, most of them related to the donor’s history and lifespan.

Easy to praise young things, but as life goes on, other elements make contributions, modifying the resulting odor. No two Rhinos are identical, though ‘Rhino’ is the base scent. On top of that is a range of moods and flavors, spicy to bland. Or vice versa. All are time and occasion sensitive.

As vegetarians, We are tuned to plant life. But some plants, as they pass their maturity, give off warning signals. Not every plant is delicious all the time. Still, Rhinos cannot be too picky. A given tired plant may be iffy, but when We’re needy, or desperate, We go ahead with lunch. In the Wild, our choices are limited. We just keep chewing.

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