In the CrossFire

We Rhinos are aware of the pressures that characterize every waking minute: We are supposed to do A) or B) or whatever other letters. And yet, most of the time, We feel iffy about any decision that gets made. How nice it would be to have an Ancient and insightful Rhino to ask for advice. But no, such a Rhino does not lurk nearby.

So We teeter between A) Past Decisions, composed of past mistakes, rules, assumptions, fears, dreads, and some sweet memories which We did not investigate at the time and are unsure if 1) they really happened and 2) We recall them and their meaning correctly. The chances are poor since many of those events happened early on and in whatever context.

Present Decisions B) involves temptations, a pleasant prospect which We cannot comprehend exactly, the desire to ‘get it right’ and prove something thereby, to somebody, whoever is around. So it all looks welcoming, but We confront the future with Dread. Whoever did anything new knowing what was involved? Nobody, that’s who. Being timid and sniveling, or being decisive and resolute means nothing, since they are only bluff and bravado.

We Rhinos gulp and move forward, like it or not.

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