Honorable Mention

Some letters have come our way, focused on the bias We have for Rhinoceroses. “Bias”: seems to mean unfair and stinky. Apparently there are few specific targets nominated for specific criticism. How We Rhinos could hope to respond is lost in a fog of bruised feelings.

It seems these Readers have missed the point of our Blog-ular Efforts. As Rhinos, We admit that other species’ concerns are theirs to evaluate. We wish them all the best; We Rhinos are keenly aware of our difficulties as We press forward with our Blog. We want to discuss any matter any Reader would seriously offer for consideration, whatever the species.

Our blog is Rhino-Centric, We know. It would be mighty odd if it was something else. Our blog posts aim at improving inter-species relations- making the whole project Special. Though Rhino Opinion seems unequivocally insightful to Us, We would not be surprised if another critter had some other idea. It happens. Our World is mysterious.

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