On the Bright Side, if you wait for it

Some Folks thrive on statistics. But here is the problem… Rhinos only count to three, and that is insufficient for the “experts”. The fact that this discussion centers on Rhinos’ bodies gives Us Rhinos no special ranking or insight.

Surreal comes in many flavors, so We Rhinos hire folk to come and count things like our ribs. How many ribs have We got? Our answer is “exactly enough” ribs, cause that’s how Nature sets Us up. The official answer is 18 ribs per side, though there is room for more assessment, depending of a raft of variables, none of which impress Us Rhinos.

We could go on about these matters, but Rhinos are the winners, having this marvelous set-up. We ask “how envious are these anatomists? Why not go count there own ribs?” Ah well, the dust will settle and We will all be fine, in all likelihood.

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