The Inner-Outer dichotomy

As you Readers are aware, We Rhinos identify with our Inner Being. The Outer package is handsome, but it is Inside where Rhinos really shine, and in Technicolor and Stereophonic sound and Scent-surround.

When a Taxidermist is asked to stuff a dead Rhino for the public’s benefit, nobody asks how We Rhinos feel about the results. Generally speaking, We see that the Taxidermists are intellligent and sober world citizens. Doubtless, they do their best.

We are showing you a stuffed person. The illustration may give the Reader an idea of what We see when We go to the museum. Imagine that the figure shown represents All of Humanity. We assume you will pick up on the sense of dumbstruck flabbergastitude We experience when We see Rhinos similarly displayed.

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