Hold onto your hats, dear Readers: Today is the 3 thousandth posting from Your Inner Rhino! It may not have exactly the same impact as if We had an audio portion, featuring big bands and squeals of enthusiasm (one of our specialties.)

But We are pretty puffed up about it. Since We started in 2014, there have been 2,983 days, but we got to Three Thousand first. Our whole staff was younger in 2014, but We have trucked forward. We snort, We strut!

None of the above would have had much point were it not for YOU, our Readers. So We, (YIR & You) will plug on together. We rejoice.

4 thoughts on “WHOOP DE DOO DE DOO!!!

  1. Oh, man, you are a winner! I have a former Wesleyan student who encourages us run-of-the-mill, meat -and-potatoes folk to think what the life of an artist must be like and to send a note of gratitude and encouragement to those precious few in our lives who fit the bill – or is that Bill?

    A magnificent accomplishment. I know NO ONE in my circle of friends who can lay claim to have reached such heights, to have crested such mountaintops. The view from there must be staggering!

    You are a wizard and a wonder.

    Love you immensely, but I would have anyway – accomplishment or not!


    Chery Cutler McHugh

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