On the sidewalks of New York

Just off the bus, I walked across 34th St. in driving rain. I slipped and fell on the pavement. Folks were helpful and concerned, but I trundled to my digs. Though I did skin my knee, the worst was my left shoulder hurt- a lot.

Saturday morning, I went to NY Medical Center ER, got x-rays and c-scanned, etc. Great MD attention! Upshot: nothing was broken, though the shoulder is painful. Elias and his brother Chato came in the car to bring me home.

Being home is grand, I happily report. I just have to keep on trucking, and with time I will be fine. Ah well. Everyone was nice as could be, and I am grateful.

3 thoughts on “On the sidewalks of New York

  1. Ouch! SSoooo glad you didn’t break anything. (I’d have broken a wrist and torn a rotator cuff.) And it’s lovely to hear that random people on the street were helpful and concerned. See, there are some loud, misguided people, but most “just folks” are good people.



  2. So GLAD you have such good, loving help! And that you are basically in such good shape after the fall.

    We are crazy packing and I didn’t get your message of this event until today – because, under piles of boxes stacked up for the movers, I didn’t read my emails!

    For you and us both, look forward to a bit more normalcy soon!

    Love to you and your dear helpers,


    Chery Cutler McHugh
    336 Orange Avenue
    Ashland, OR 97520
    landline: (541) 482-2925
    cell: (860) 262-4446


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