Dear YIR Readers,

I have a new computer, which is good. However, it will not let me make a jpg which I can attach to a post. It offers either PSD or Tiff, which I do not know about. Any practical solutions would be welcome, assuming they do not carry personal remarks about my ignorance.

The art was all ready to go last night, in plenty of time, but Fate intervened, as described.

Hold the fort, and We at YIR will wrastle this irritant to the ground… I hope.



3 thoughts on “Frustration…

  1. So sorry, YIR! Being a bonehead, I can’t help with your problem, but can commiserate.

    Bad computer, bad! You are better than this piece of junk. You’ll figger it out.

    Be well…and be confident.


    Sent from my iPad



  2. Dear Sir, you didn’t mention what type of software you have on your new computer, nor what type you were working with before. If you have Adobe Photoshop, open your file up in Adobe, select “File Save As” and then select .jpg and where you would like to have it saved. The program has a mighty hefty price, so another option would be to purchase the less pricey version Adobe Elements. As always, your Rhino images are a welcomed way to wake up in the morning. Best to you.


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