Fun & Games

R.Tots have mixed feelings about games, as defined by older Rhinos. The idea of a game seems like fun, a good time to be had by all. Or, it is another “learning opportunity”, which is all very well, but there is a lurking test involved, and the odds are against the Tot.

Rhinos do not count beyond 3, so all the rules in the middle are sketchy at best. In fact they are even sketchier than they look; the game is scored by mystery systems, and the order of the rules changes on the whim of the Administrator. The goal may be altered in mid-course or extra rules can be introduced, again, by the Administrator.

This approach to fun is to help the R.Tot understand the nature of much of R.Adulthood. There the rules and given information shift and transform, willy-nilly. Games, like maturity, are played by rules devised by Invisible Forces. It’s lots of fun.

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