As Advertised

Well, here We are, back in the saddle, and more importantly, back in the office… or vice versa?

As the Staff has mentioned, if you have any questions or issues you’d like to see wrangled by Your Inner Rhino, feel free to add comments.

Your WIsh, within reason, is our command.

2 thoughts on “As Advertised

  1. Aging is what I struggle with, Rhino. Each day, more of my youth seems to depart. Any thought to help??? Pat Robbennolt 


    • I do understand the sense of losing oneself, but it might help to recall that most of what was has been part of a greater fiction, a misunderstanding of how powerful your core is, your essence. All the other stuff somewhat confirms that idea, but ultimately, nothing of True Value is being removed. Perhaps this is an opportunity to experience the revealed marvel of You, dropping the old outfit and stepping into your Super-Pat duds. It also provides a pause to see how younger folk depend on trivia for self-substantiation. I look back on my life and wonder what that was all about, what really mattered in clearing my thinking, as opposed to fortifying my ego.
      Aging is a process inviting us to rethink ourselves, mostly by forgetting our ‘selves’ and welcoming altered perception. Down-sizing the junk we have held onto, hoarding scraps of ‘selfhood’. We are unused to the freedom we are acquiring, so it can be alarming. But whose definition of selfhood is more insightful than your own? Right, nobody’s. The change is happening like it or no. The enjoyment of the fact is one option we can embrace.


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