Sooner or Later

Tonight is the beginning or end of Daylight’s Savings. By tomorrow, an hour will be swallowed up and gone. You ask a genius about it; you’ll see.

To Us it seems so improbable, no matter how many explanations We request. It is like Time Travel without the luggage, or maybe it’s with all one’s luggage.

Rhinos understand Time as ‘now’ and ‘some other Time’. Setting our clocks is unneccasary as Rhinos cannot tell Time.

One thought on “Sooner or Later

  1. Guess I will try to remember to set my clock ahead but I always wonder where that hour has gone. Did my changing the clock mean the hour never existed…..never had a chance to live out its 60 minutes.  That is a question we have to live with. Pat Robbennolt 


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