Not gettin’ any younger

In 1517 or so, maybe, Juan Ponce de Leon might have found the Fountain of Youth in Florida. He never mentioned it if he did, but he died in 1521, so he may not have gotten around to it.

The idea is appealing, just for the mystique of it; how it worked would be anybody’s guess.

So today’s post is about things that might be dandy, or no, but will We ever know? Y’know?

One thought on “Not gettin’ any younger

  1. Ya know, being young forever sounds dangerous, and exhausting, and frankly, limiting. But of course you don’t realize that until you get old(er) and notice that the historical perspective smooths out the largest bumps in the journey, and that some things really don’t matter as much as we thought they did, and some things matter so much more than we ever could have anticipated. Really, you want to take the whole trip. 🙂



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