Beyond Purpose

Art is there to consider, an invitation to participate with the artist. It’s not there to criticize.

We Rhinos think of Art as showing Us the things that have no names.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Purpose

  1. Yes, I am still considering the piece of your art that goes ‘way back. It looks on me from the top of a bookcase, reminding me that I was once much younger!!!!  Pat 


  2. Reminds me of the 1990 film “Tune in Tomorrow,” in which Peter Falk plays a radio soap opera writer who stirs up trouble wherever he goes. He has a line at the end of the film which goes something like (imagine in Peter Falk’s voice) “Life is a shitstorm. And when it’s really raining down shit, your best umbrella is art.” Thank you for the art, Bill.


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