Rhinos naturally lose loved ones and teachers in the course of our time here. What becomes clear is that the essence of that companion has not gone anywhere. We are still sustained by that relationship. Death just rearranges our comprehension.

Wherever We go, each Rhino is carried along by the affection and compassion of those We have known. Their faith in Us gives Us faith in ourselves.

So We miss our friends, but they and their contribution to our lives never go away.

5 thoughts on “Loss

  1. What a beautiful message, Bill.

    Thank you so much.

    We keep you in our hearts, and offer best wishes in times of loss.

    Your writing and artwork keep in our hearts!





    • I know a number of people who are coping with loss at the moment, and this idea came to me… So much opportunity for caring support, one way and another.


  2. In the recent Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” there’s a line, which, if I recall it correctly, goes “Grief is love persevering.” Your image pretty much embodies that idea, I think.

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