Rhinos focus on special events; We keep ourselves primed for the Remarkable. Clearly, each day can’t provide non-stop Fabulosities, but sometimes it comes close. Saving up our Energy makes it possible to go nuts when the next Thrill appears. Rhinos must conserve our Gusto.

We sometimes picture this like a necklace: each Event is a distinct & glamourous bead, and through these beads runs the string. The string is dull, partly to contrast with the beads, partly so We Rhinos don’t combust. We can only withstand so much Stimulation.

Shown is our state of mind in between engagements. We blink ourselves into a Neutral Spot, and pace ourselves. We get calm, We relax. Then when the next bead appears, Rhinos are fueled with Get-Up-and-Go!

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