Exotic Festivities

Today being National Popcorn Day, We feel it needs to be emphasized that these food-oriented holidays are not Rhino ventures, but are established by the Readers’ kin, somehow.

Rhinos like popcorn mostly. We don’t get a lot of it, so We don’t have a policy toward it. ‘Live and let live’ captures our attitude, which is really a ‘who cares?’ stance.

We can say that watching popcorn popping is good fun, of which Rhinos never have too much.

One thought on “Exotic Festivities

  1. Good, I was not aware of National Popcorn Day. I will continue to enjoy the carmel corn someone brought me. Hope that works as a celebration of the day. It is too cold to go out and celebrate today.  It is 27′ in not terribly sunny Tennessee.   Pat 


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