By the light of the Silvery Moon

Tonight is the Full Moon, up there glimmering away for our benefit. Sometimes the affect of the moon can be startling, so you Readers may want to batten down the hatches and get a dose of sarsparilla before sunset. Going bananas has limited charm.

Tonight’s is a unique moon because there will be an eclipse. We are not astronomically qualified to explain it; ask Google. However, don’t get your hopes up too high, as these celestial mysteries only work if you can see the moon. Put in your bid for fair skies right away.

This is the “Beaver Moon”; We don’t know why. We think of them all as Rhino Moons. Probably Aardvarks have a similar policy.

2 thoughts on “By the light of the Silvery Moon

  1. The beavers, on the little lake behind my house, have been working on building a new dam. Perhaps they knew that this was the best time of the year (of the moon) to make progress on the project. Pat Robbennolt


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