On the Bounding Main

Back in 1620, 102 Pilgims set off in the Mayflower. They left England September 6 and sailed west for 66 days. The conditions weren’t great, but only one passenger died. Everybody else was just Really Sick.

They arrived on November 9, so as of today, they were 6 days away from dry land. They probably didn’t know that on November 3rd. Nothing about the trip was predictable. Even where they were going.

So if you like, get ready for the 9th. It was not Thanksgiving Day, but there was stilll much to be grateful for.

3 thoughts on “On the Bounding Main

  1. Two families of my ancestors were on that ship, the Howlands and the Tilleys, but I have to say, I’m not that brave. I’d probably still be a British citizen!



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