Today marks the 2,600th post on ‘Your Inner Rhino’, and We Rhinos are feeling pretty sassy about it.

To be clear, We have no idea how much posting that is, but our sources say it’s a major bunch.

(By the way, if you wonder about such things, the number of the post is always somewhere in the picture.)

4 thoughts on “Exhilaratin’

  1. 2600!! That is a lot of posts…a lot of creativity…..a lot of care….a lot of new ideas each time one is posted.  Thanks for keeping on keeping on. P


  2. What a capacity your Rhino-life has for celebration! In my estimation, THAT is the clearest intention, deepest purpose, and brightest light of this whole venture, 2600 times over! Regardless of the post’s theme, “Life is light and wisdom might and [joy] is all.” Whose life attests to that shining reality with greater conviction and delight? Joy to the world!


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