Say whaaat?

Rhinos spend a goodly amount of time pondering whatever is going on here and someplace else too. Why,why?

That is why We are sporting a WonderRhino outfit; there is a great deal to wonder about.

4 thoughts on “Say whaaat?

    • Seems perfectly natural to me. I always liked Wonder Bread, with the red, yellow and blue balloons on the wrapper. I always associated balloons with birthday parties, and ever hopeful, liked the idea that mine might be any day now.


  1. I sport a “wonder outfit” every day, I guess. I continue to wonder….be amazed by,,,,,the fact I have lived for 90 years. Still live alone….with my dog….but not capable of doing much to make the world a better place. Glad you, Rhino, are still working at improving the world for all us creatures. Pat  


    • Being a good person is quite enough for you, Ma’am. Heaven knows, literally, that your track record is impressive, so chill. That is my thought. Hug your dog for us.


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