Rhinos believe in Natural Order. That means We don’t expect Nature to deliver one set of experiences or another. Rhinos investigate each moment as best We can, and roll with the punches. Also, We have to understand that each side of an argument is backed by vigorous beliefs of all kinds.

The Rhino POV is that We are offered many forms of belief, but often the focus is on Power, the power of belief to change things for the benefit of a group or individual. We believe in X, and X will tip the scales in our favor.

Nature does not favor any part of Creation over another. History cycles Experience, but that is not evidence for mindful balance. Or not that We Rhinos have noticed.

2 thoughts on “Beliefs

    • Maybe it’s because Rhinos have had 45 million more years to figure things out. Also, I think humans are content with Faith, whether they’ve tried to figure it out or not. Humans= right, other life forms= iffy. What humans base our confidence on is anybody’s guess.


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