All things considered

We Rhinos hear a lot about Hope, sometimes pro-Hope, sometimes no-Hope. The discussion goes on, and We wonder if it will stop soon. Then the Rhino contingent make a mass exodus, looking for lunch.

What We Rhinos long ago concluded is that most of the time, things work out OK. Yes, yes, sometimes blatantly not OK. BUT, what We can vouch for is, Rhinos have been here a Bazillion Years, which looks pretty hopeful to Us.

We are not unaware of Doubt, but all things considered, Rhinos are a Sunny-Side-Up kind of species.

One thought on “All things considered

  1. There is a hidden message along with your rhinos. Too much company? Too much to do? A birthday coming?May is full of birthdays and grandson Tom is first, the Bob andDavid’s anniversary, Paul Cremo, Nancy Kelly, Alex Patton ,Anne Gibson, My sister, Bill Kelly. Also son, Ben, is coming to take Isaac home for the summer.. That will be the end of his second year. Ond Apr 27, 2021,


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