Today is Big Wind Day, in memory of a gust of wind measured in 1934 atop Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Three men took the reading of 231 MPH at the weather observatory there. This record stands to this day, though a reading of 256 MPH exists, but recorded by machines in Australia in 2010.

No Rhino was there on either occasion, thank goodness, but We appreciate the effort made by this interpid team.

One wee word of warning: All records are made to be broken.

2 thoughts on “Gusting

  1. Rhinos might get dis-gusted by big storms, but weighing – give or take – 4,000 pounds they are not likely to be blown away.


    • It may be that being in a wind that frantic has the same affect as eating ice cream on a hot day; your head just freezes? Never having tried it, I can’t say, but I can conjecture… no matter what I weigh.


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